Product A A new generation of miniaturised sonobuoys sized for delivery from unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) for rapid deployment is being developed by Ultra Electronics Sonar Systems . Autonomous vehicles will play an increasing role in the future maritime battlespace as navies look to embrace network-enabled concepts using remote offboardRead More →

Lockheed Martin – EOTS Lockheed Martin has introduced a new version of its EOTS (electro-optical targeting system) that is installed in the company’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The Advanced EOTS is similar in size and shape to the current EOTS, and is intended for inclusion in the JSF’s Block 4Read More →

KT-Shelter Designed for defence, crisis management and industrial applications, the large Glidetech shelter from KT-Shelter can be erected from the ground up by manpower without special expertise and without machinery or scaffolding. It is suitable for housing personnel and equipment as required. SA ArtilleryRead More →

CILAS of France CILAS of France has developed the SLD 500LR long-range laser detector to help minimise this threat. Based on the cat’s eye effect, the system relies on an optical system, such as a scope, camera lens or weapon sight, to return some back-scattered energy when illuminated by aRead More →