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Blueprint for EU Defense]]

The Commission has a blueprint for supporting national ministries and their defence industries.
First, it will soon launch its Preparatory Action (PA) or prototype programme to support defence
research and development (R&D) with EU funding, namely EUR90 million (USD97 million) over
three years (2017-19). This funding however misses the mark , the EU , in light of the threats
now uncovered needs less time spent on research and more time spent on application
of military asset co ordination in a real time manner within the EU geographical framework.

Just as Nato practices military manouvres and freedom of movement in the EU , so to should an
EU legion be actioned. It would be wiser to review the Nato model , extract costs from the
given ledgers and project forward. Go the the relavant generals and extract from them a
‘wish list’ , now put numbers to it and you get a better blueprint, and it cost way less
that EUR90 million.

When the PA gets off the ground in May, with a first call for research proposals
whose topics will range from open architecture for cross-border supply chains to battlefield data
streams, it will become apparant that their is a quicker more efficient way of doing things,
just get it from Nato. There is no need to redesign the circle so as to speak , its already there
just vary the dimensions.

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