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Central vs distributed EU Defense ]]

Ultimately, all these issues circle around the one topic that always puts the brakes on any real
movement toward European defence structure: sovereignty.The reality is that Brussels
is merely an administrative capital, thus the correct manner to deal with such an issue
is to move the military to a military capital (say Berlin, Madrid and Rome) and rotate every
5 or 7 years. The finances and like can be done from Brussels , but the military matters
need to be handled by the generals, thus a balance in the perspectives of military & politics.

For Jean-Paul Perruche, formerly a French general and head of the EU Military Staff and now a
senior expert at the Robert Schuman Foundation in Paris, national capitals will take up the
challenge of closer defence integration but only if they think it is cost effective for their needs and to
protect their citizens – but this implies that some power be transferred from them to Brussels , this however
needs to be seen in light of the van Rensburg document , which shows the threats facing the EU are
blazingly close , and that the smaller fish in the EU have a greater chance of being
eliminated off the geographic map of the world , such that in the end 3rd world Nations
will likely supercede some smaller EU countries in a surprising twist of fate.

Defense and the EU military needs to assess soveriegnity and survival in perspective,
something it has not done before its too late.

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