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Contretron Inc
Access to eavesdropping and
electronic bugging devices
is becoming easier and more
affordable, as demonstrated by
Contretron Inc, a
certified Research Electronics
International (REI) distributor,
with REI’s new ANDRE Advanced
Near-field Detection Receiver.

A hand-held broadband receiver
that detects and assists in locating
nearby RF, infrared, visible light,
carrier current and other types
of transmitters, ANDRE
detects signal activity in
its vicinity and displays
changes in signal strength
over time, allowing users to
quickly locate the source of
transmissions. Its frequency
counter provides quick
identification of the signal
frequency and outputs additional
information to an automatic signal
list generator.

Antenna probes included
with the ANDRE can be used
to sweep rooms and objects in
search of known, unknown,
illegal, disruptive or interfering
transmitters from 10kHz to 6Ghz.
SA Artillery

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