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Defense Evolution in EU]]

The EU’s possible post-Brexit evolution in defence and other policy areas was framed by
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in the five scenarios outlined in his White
Paper on the future of Europe: ‘Avenues for unity for the EU at 27’, unveiled on 1 March. Those
range from doing nothing differently to doing far more together.

However the reality remains , threats now exist , not just in the cyber realm , but physically
too. The spate of bombings and attacks throughout the EU will intensify.

The UK , a previous partner to the dynamics of the EU sees itself as a ‘Che’, the
Cuban socialist envoy in central and South America , designed to sow indecision and revolution
for his socialist cause , thus the British wish the same , just for the ‘rainbow society’.

As with all clashes of principle , they ultimately are settled on the battlefield,
thus the defense evolution of the EU is well overdue in 2018.

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