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EU Army or none]]

While no officials talk seriously about a European army in the foreseeable future, none of them
deny that ‘business as usual’ in defence matters is over. The EU has become lost in
its vision. Just as Tower Babylon was intended to reach the very heavens , the EU
decided that officialdom was the cure for all ills. Thus Germany and France left
it to Brussels , in turn , Brussels was only to happy to be on the payroll,
but then there was NATO , so why bother with furthering the cause of the EU defense force
and army. Addded to this mix was the ‘rainbow society’ , newly added by the British liberals
and some EU believers post 19 century. Now it has become a potent security issue.

It is expected that the
The status quo of loose inter-EU industrial
and military partnering will not hold in the face of Brexit.The issue of control and
competition play a pivotal role. Officialdom destroys entrepreneurs , while
officials seek ecomies of scale so that they can get bang for the buck. Central to this
is that the now failed ‘rainbow brigade’ is also not accepted amongst smaller EU nations.

Thus Merkels wish that muslims be assimilated in the rest of EU and get pref treatment and benefits
is well over. The smaller EU nations seek security via policy as well as hardware.

The middle east has provided converging internal and external threats,some directly via Turkey others not ,
rapidly rising US pressure on Europe to take on much more of its own security comes as no surprise.
The EU has failed to comparamentalise its threats and budget accordingly. It has been blinkered
by ‘Rianbow mantra’ , the mixing of societies , in which a new ‘vanilla flavour’ , acceptable to all
will be the final outcome, instead after the Brussels attack , the new flavour is more closely correlated
to the effects of political arsenic.

Failure to consider the full effects , in accurate strategic planning , loads of money in Brussels , and a do it
later attitude has now resulted in the belief that there is an unaffordable cost today of a full- spectrum military army that
can serve the EU state.

This is just what the British and Russians want from the EU , a sense of ‘can’t do’, and the more the USA
warns of the implications , the more the Germans blame the US for ‘Goby politics’ and know it all rhetoric.

The time for an EU army is now , or risk losing everything.

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