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EU Perfect storm Brewing]]

“Defence ministries face a perfect storm across Europe: a squeeze on their budgets, severe
underinvestment in defence techology and capabilities, Brexit, a huge number of non-interoperable
platforms, a fragmented industrial base, too many capabilities of the wrong type – 2,000 fighters
and only 50 tankers to keep them in the air.

However , the fact remains that lack of leadership
is the biggest issue.The EU , which has its roots in Christianity , has voted in a leader group
has all but forgotten its roots , thus from being wise and accepting to Christian
doctrine , they have now begun to accept ‘rainbow talk’. In face of the new doctrine it can now be
seen how the ‘Tower of Babylon’ has progressed , a big talk shop and no action in EU defense.

The biggest issue , a fundamental disconnect at the political
level and about what actually happens on the ground in defence is going to
lead to irrational decisions under a preassured environment , which is soon
to come, via migrants or Russia aided by the UK.

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