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Franco German Defense & EU]]

The Franco-German Defense & reference to levels of ambition is ‘Euro-speak’ for the Lisbon Treaty’s
provision for ‘permanent structured co-operation’ (PESCO). Along with a clutch of other defence
policy ideas, PESCO’s applicability is now the focus of intense study by the European
Commission, the Council of Ministers, and Federica Mogherini: the EU’s security and defence
policy chief.

Euro speak however has not been actioned into deeds , thus the Franco German defense undertaking is
technically ‘stillborn’. This suits the English and Russia just fine. The English have a dislike
for a strong EU , especially after WW2 , where they caused the issues in the first place with the
Treaty of Versailles , that was dictated to Germany and created the hardship that drove the
Germans to seek a strong leader, which then engulfed Europe in war post 1939.

The Russians likewise , their Bolshevik revolution is still ‘pumping strong in 2018’,
the communists want a seriously weak EU, this abbets their cause , basically world wide
domination and the atheist dogma so espoused by Russia, Lenin & Putin. Additionally
the Russians having survived a bloody German onslaught in WW2 , and being helped out
by the English (who got the Americans to back Russia rather than Germany in WW2)
now see only America as the only threat to their final global plan, domination and expansion
of earths real estate to beyond Asia.

Defense of the EU , when left in the hands of the “officialdom” rather than leaders
tends to stagnate. Thus Germans , though they love Merkel , will look back to
discover that her communist roots (coming from East Germany), meant that
she would stagnate on decisions till the very end, a total weak leader. However
in terms of political infighting she was tops , to destroy anyone politically
is easy , to build a defense system for EU , now that is a task for ‘leaders’
and Merkel was never a leader , she inherited a propserous Germany that had
minimal GDF spend on military forces relative to USA, and worst of all she had the
french to deal with (who will avoid the military option at all costs).

Thus any Franco – German undertaking will be stillborn and not worth the effort
in the EU.

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