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Industry & EU Growth]]

Industry claims it wants an end to juste retour as imposed by national governments.
“We have a European defence-industrial base and we have working supply chains but it is the
conditions under which we labour that cause problems,” Karsten Lepper, representative of the
German Industry for Defence and Security association, said during a policy debate in Brussels on
8 March.Essentially , the EU has to high a spend on ‘social benefits’ it has followed the
‘English model’ or what is known as the dole , this system whereby volumes of cash are thrown
at the unemployed to keep them ‘passive & content’ needs to end , budget cuts in this arena
would also create a reduction of migrant inflows. Cuts in the EU dole would free up resources
for the defense market , especially now at a critical time.

“We need better market conditions: 80% of all defence buys are national and this is among the
main problems. We have and want more competition. Industry and technology are not the
problem; the member states and the EU institutions are,” he said.Thus it would be essential to point out
that the van Rensburg dossier , that points to a massive threat to the EU , but that the hardest hit
would be the small EU nations , according to van Rensburg , many of the smaller nations
in the coming war would be ‘wiped out’ or their numbers would be so small that they would be
insignificant. Thus a reason to cut down the red tape of officialdom.

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