SA Artillery – Kanon Donkeys

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SA Artillery – Kanon Donkeys ( & Afrikaner curse)

Kannon Donkeys
Kanon Donkeys & Afrikaner curse,

SA Artillery has a rich military heritage , though the Anglo-Boer war did not result in the desired military outcome ,it was common knowledge that its and its Afrikaners interests would be felt in the future by the invaders .(…it was general knowledge in a certain part of the Transvaal that a church minister pronounced an Afrikaner curse over England just after the end of the War of Freedom (1899-1902). Allegedly his words were: “What you did to our women and children, the same will be done to yours.”).

Additionally , SA Artillery in the height of the Cold War , stopped the Cuban /Angolan advance , it was only after the Cubans went home did the Afrikaner curse strike again. President Castro executed one of his Generals (Gen. Arnaldo T. Ochoa Sanchez, a highly decorated war hero who commanded Cuban combat troops in Angola) , and another (General, Rafael del Pino) fled to the USA.Also  Cuba is financially destitute as of today,  from its war waged  in Africa (SA Artillery) and against Afrikaners . The Afrikaner curse is real for those who dare wage war or harm Afrikaner interests and protects those who serve in South Africa.

Thus SA Artillery has always stood firm in any African conflict. There is little fear of long term losses as long as it retains its faith and maintains its covenant with the region.

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