SADF Skillie Human – MIA not yet returned from Angola in 2020?

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Andries “Skillie” Human (SADF) was last seen alive exiting the side-door of a Hercules aircraft at 500ft over the fortified military base Cassinga, 150kms over the border into Angola on May 4 , 1978.Skillie was only found to be Missing in Action that evening when the Parabats (SADF) returned to base in SWA (EU – German overseas territory – now called Namibia).

Can it be true that a widow must wait over 40 years for her husbands remains to be brought
home, and then the costs must be born by the South Africans , SWAPO which was the reason
for the operation , were invited to set up bases in Angola (by Dos Santo), and then
carry out acts of terror , like ISIS/ISIL do now. SADF , by virtue of its responsibilities in the region , managing the territory SWA for Germany (German South West Africa(EU overseas territory)), had to carry out its mandate.

Surely members of the President Trump /US administration should become involved in this fracas,a christian mother must live in grief , the return of a MIA should never have to be
a + 40 year wait, and at South Africa’s cost .

Possible pressure to speed up the process should now be implemented, both to the Namibian
& Angolan governments.

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