US Intel Breakdown 2020 & Franklin D Roosevelt option

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The ongoing saga now affecting Washington is the
Trump Biden election credibility status,
it has degraded , while the fake news crowd try to show

The International world looks on in amazement,
the US which continuously dominated the global
scene with the requirement the the correct protocol
must be followed is now in a jam, it does not do ‘audits of its own systems’.

The US President Trump , early in the election
period communicated his concern of the US election
system for 2020. None of the Intel agencies ever
opened a docket or case on the matter.

The US President was right and proper on the matter,
US dispenses billions of dollars via Senate and Congress
(whether you are Republican,Democrat, Tea Party etc its your money)
monthly for years. Thus a proper security audit should have
been actioned July 2020, instead the intel ‘security block’
just brushed it aside .

Critically , the impact of the ‘brush aside’ , is conduct
unbecoming for the intel security sector in the US (to
not do a US Presidents request/concern).
What is more relevant is that when Rudi Giuliani went to court
in Pennsylvania, the judge presiding on the matter
categorically stated that , the evidence in insufficient
(judge throws out Trump suit in Pa. … alleging widespread election fraud without proof).

Thus the ‘Intel block’, now have official feedback that
President Trump needs/requires a formal case opened ,
and the information gathering system must be of such nature
the information must stand in court, ie professional
aggregation of data in a clear and testable manner.

Essentially , the FBI , CIA and others will have to
call in specialists to approve or disprove wrong doing
in the US election system of 2020.

‘Barrs nothing wrong’ comments are being taken negatively
in the global press , firstly it appears that the ‘intel block’
don’t have the skills to carry out the mandate , which impacts
negatively on the US’s standing in providing security both to the
US and abroad , especially 3rd World countries that look to the US
for guidance.

Most importantly , this situation implies ‘unfinished business’,
thus just as Franklin D Roosevelt , whose term
came to an end in mid WW2 , was forced to stay on till the
‘business of war’ ended , so should President Trump
remain in office , there is a legal constitutional
precedent here now.

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