Defense Manufacturing Tip – ERP system LedgerSAP

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PCS , Paramount Combat Solutions recently has
become unstuck due operational issues.

Many companies involved in manufacturing have
strong operational skills pooling , but rather
weak financial reporting/discipline.

The Net effect is that spreadsheets become the norm
internally & externally, here at
we propose using a system such as LedgerSAP, this
allows a template/assembly/’recipe’ to be built
into the GL’s production system.

Once the system is cranked for the desired number
of product items , it calculates everything ,including the
end date of the run.

As the system is one and the same as the GL, debtors,
creditors etc are all on the same page, thus time to throw
away the spreadsheets.

A sample pdf , with ‘dummy’ data showing the screenshots
is provided for quick reference(see Quick tweak Tip).

1. Quick tweak Tip  here : ledgerSAP-solutions-erp-system-option

2. LedgerSAP (STD)(Server based -Free No Restrictions) : ledgersap-erp-download 
(Note ISO is embedded in the pdf as attachment)


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