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EU Defense Strategy

Nearly three decades after the ‘peace dividend’ of the Berlin Wall’s fall in 1989, after which the military protection of Europe was seen as increasingly irrelevant in the social context, defence imperatives have come
roaring back to the continent with a vengeance, but in a totally new form, Putins influence becomes a key factor again.

They are there for all to see: foreign-directed terrorism against Europe’s homeland, aided and abbeted by hordes of 3rd world non christians armed only with an android and access to arms as well as bomb making know how and a hatred for the Christian faith. Brexit’s threat to the EU’s cohesion as the British attempt to destroy the Christian fabric of the EU.The wars and instability along its periphery and nearby Middle East, massive refugee flows accross the Med, and an aggressive Russia stalking the EU , the Bolshevik Communists have a taste for better resources and the EU offers them much, once again Military leaders seek a fix to the gloom on the horizon , but this is unlikely to leave in fact it will get much worse.

The EU has embraced the ‘rainbow concept’, but this concept was supposed to bring together different groupings of individuals , muslim, hindu, mandarin etc in a harmonic fashion. The EU , a long history of the Catholic Church being the bedrock to its beliefs , cast aside its beliefs based on ‘liberal views’ that Christianity can assimilate different groups , and even allow them to co exist in your neighbourhood, such as the building of local muslim places of worship , such as those found throughout UK.

The shock and horror of EU politicians, Paris attack , Je suis Charlie , amongst others set off the realization that ‘rainbow’ , as espoused by weak minded liberal elite, would create the biggest dilema unseen in EU history. The British , who via the Anti Apartheid movement financed the ‘rainbow society’ , with elegant smears of those who opposed it ,including church society, when they the Brits saw the EU attacks they immediately did a ‘runner’.

Thus EU now sees a political swamp of chaos , defense is the keyword here , but can the EU identify the true enemy. Even frau Merkel got it wrong , now one questions whether the EU can absorb the reality that if it fails to act swiftly , an asssured military attack is on the cards.

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