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Pesco & EU formulation]]

PESCO’s complexity has not stopped EU and national officials from exploring its implications – in
ways they never have before – and preparing the ground for its possible invocation.The problem
with it is that it needs a concrete framework otherwise its useless.EU stands on the brink
of various crises , migrants swamping it, Britian Brexiting and forming an alliance with Russia
(they already have an alliance , a military one , it just hasnt been released yet) and
now they are sure to experience droughts and weather releted phenomina that will
cut deep into GDP territory and economic matters.

To make matters worse , military spend unlike agriculture cannot be quantified
via reciprocating results , so if you spend $1 billion , you
should get + $1 billion in food and the like , with military spend it all seems
to go down the drain. Thus a clear policy , like 1/3 of all military spend
of each nation is allocated to the EU Army , and that 1/3 is controlled
and managed from a fixed point(it does not have to be Brussels, it could be a revolving
‘military capital’ , say 5 years Berlin, 5 years Madrid and 5 Years Rome). Just like the
French foreign legion, those seconded to the ‘1/3 brigade’ would actually be EU corps
and under EU command and control , thus the sovereignity of the EU based in say Berlin
for starters 2019 – 2024.

At their December 2016 summit EU leaders formally tasked Mogherini to study PESCO’s potential
and produce recommendations. Her EEAS team, along with Commission officials, is now combing
through PESCO’s legal, pragmatic, financial, industrial, and policy aspects, primarily for defence,
although other areas such as fiscal, monetary, and economic policy could be added later.The big
issue here is does Mogherini understand the military threat facing the EU , this is not
about debates , this is about EU survival.

Mogherini will hand over her assessment to EU foreign ministers in May with subsequent debate
by EU leaders in June, although no one expects a move, if any, on the issue by interested national
capitals before the end of 2017.However , what is clear is that policy needs to be actioned ,
a mementum need to be built up otherwise the EU will likely be attacked , either internally
by migrants who sense opportunity to do harm , or Russia who realises that they have access to
the worlds most wanted real estate post 2018.

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