US 2020 & German South West Africa Election Fraud – how its done(overview)

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US 2020 & German South West Africa Election Fraud – how its done(overview) , with ‘intel’ oversight by James Clapper.

Most individuals will look at the US elections in 2020, then based on the press reports commit to the notion that they were ‘free and fair’.I mean look everyone voted right , the polling stations were open and even the candidates and their staffing contingents were there,so it must be right , how could there possibly be a fraud.

The reality is this fraud has been done before , right before the very eyes of the public (actually ‘international public’) and the ruse worked. Hence individuals like Clapper know it can be pulled off. Listed below are the systems in place , to pull off a ‘fraud scam’, they come in 2 flavors.

In German South West Africa(G-SWA), the scam used a militia brigade (much like ISIS), this was/is called SWAPO. The chief goal of SWAPO was to displace membersof the public in G-SWA. Thus SWAPO , used force , terror, landmines and rapeto cower local public and tribesmen (GSWA) into joining their movement or else face death. Then via London , the free press would bombard the international community with the ‘ills of the SADF’. Thus brilliantly , locals were killed, raped or had their means to economic freedom stymied by SWAPO if they failed to comply, else join. Now SWAPO was granted the right to establish bases in Angola, for the very act of terrorising the GSWA populace , under the brilliant’free press’ based in London. As the 70’s & 80’s were internet/gadget free, the public at large could not respond by sending pics off iPhone & Andriod as they do today (Hence unlike ISIS , SWAPO got off scott free). Then once all the locals were  cowered , the UN was called in , elections were won (by SWAPO of course), and look everything was ‘free and fair’ , and Germanys Merkel has not a clue what an election fraud looks like . Thus SWAPO get a whole country ‘Namibia’  for free,man those EU (Europeans) are ‘thick’  and the diamond sales are booming in China too(+- USD 900 million pa).

Now James Clapper knows all this(GSWA) , I mean he is the top US intel expert , right hand man to numerous presidents. But wait how could it happen in the US, look there is no SWAPO ‘militia’ and the US would wipe them out in a day plus you have the CIA, FBI , NSA all ‘beefy’ tight intel groups , totally dominating any situation threatening the USA. Well the answer is simple, James Clapper is a brilliant guy , he knows that nobody will question his loyalties(US) right, plus he sits on the US ‘intel archives’ and has everybodys name at his fingertips (both US, EU & globally via internet eavesdropping now) , so he can ‘work them’ if they are an issue. It is this ‘work them’ that has outed James Clapper as a foreign intel ‘deep throat’ sitting in the heart of the US intel network , interested now read further.

As a member of the ‘intel’ society in the military sphere , analysis can be mundane and boring at best of times, but here we have the greatest feat where an individual has ripped off the entire country , in front of every US generals eyes , and walked away gloating how brilliant he is. (Incidentally President Trump said he was a genius, but Clapper is way sharper at his ‘game’ than Trump).

So then how was the US 2020 elections fraud done, wheres the ‘smoking gun’. Well as an ‘intel operator’ the scheme is simple , in 2016 Clapper notes that President Trump has won the US elections, the issue here is that Trump is a ‘commoner’ , this means for Clapper, Trump has not been vetted via the ‘institution'(ie Trump never spent his days canvassing on Capitol Hill etc – like senators Congressmen do in the routine of daily life). Now if Clapper had no ‘other’ alliances , Trump being a fully fledged US citizen would be no problem and there would some extra oversight but nothing more.

But what did the public see since 2016,Trump and his administration facing a daily barrage of media hostility & criticism , like no other. So as the media signaled a disdain for Trump , the intel community(Clapper) take a closer look, what does the public see, ‘intel posturing’, Trump is ‘blamed’ for ties to Putin (in his life he had been to Moscow and had associated with Russian businessmen – all big business is done under the watchful eye of Putin , thats for certain, its like all big business is done in the UK under the watchful of of the Windsors – right of course it is). The first reaction of Clapper,Trump must go , how do you pick up the smoking gun, well there are 2 ‘smoking guns’,

1.In GSWA , SWAPO (militia) was used to clear the region of SADF troops administering the region for Germany (now EU – Germany) but in the USA , the picture is the same except ‘non military’/para military systems are used. Clapper authorises the US Intel community to pay MI5/6 , then MI5/6 then us the said funds (USD) to invoke nefarious ‘ops’ against pro Trump supporters (mostly republicans). The NSA pays the UK +- $100 million per annum (2013 records for sample purposes)

“( › irp › eprint › alpha › zirconOne of the GCHQ officers who liaised with NSA recalls, ‘We had to negotiate very hard … would have added about 100 million a year to GCHQ’s budget in perpetuity.)”

How to spot the crime , access regions that were republican in the US (2016), visit them in 2020 , those that changed (to democratic) investigate the ‘movement’ , quantify the move, drill down into the data, go seek out the individuals (FBI-CIA-NSA investigators),then establish the ’cause of the move’. In 99% of the cases the individuals were ‘forced’ to move , with UK intel agents via the web acting as handlers , agitating individuals out of given areas ie badmouthing to employers, residential neighbours etc , inmost cases forcing job loss & economic hardship . Thus the ‘Republican’ gets stalked out via a foreign intel agency , and Clapper ‘knows nothing’ , shear brilliance he cant be blamed for ills back in the US , so he is in the clear right, well no wrong.

While Clapper & the NSA crowd pay UK to decimate Trumps republican voting base, he must now stop Trump from being perceived as ‘a leader’, since this would provide Trump with the opportunity to gain democratic voters. This is easier done than said,from the US 2020 elections the ‘kingpins’ of the saga are none other than Perlosi & McConnel. Thus , the second ‘smoking gun’ is that when President Trump noted publically concern for irregularities , no case docket was ever opened. Both McConnel and Perlosi know ‘due process’, they live out due process every day of their lives on Capitol Hill. So why did they block Trump , well because they act on behalf of foreign principles , proof can be seen , Perlosi actually attempted to impersonate Trump and block the Presidents access to the ‘Nuke football’, this could easily have rendered US open to am immediate ‘pre emptive axis’ strike from which there would be no comeback. Perlosi is a house speaker (a little bit higher than janitor some would say), Trump is actually the US President , who won the 2016 elections with full rights of the US people and its constitution.

In conclusion, in GSWA, a visual militia (SWAPO) , funded by USD oil sales (Gulf Oil)forced the displacement of individuals via harassment once the locals were scattered far and sunder the UN were called in to undertake elections in the region (removing Germany as the owner, SADF as the administrator) and installing an unknown ‘militia’ (SWAPO), all before the worlds media under the guise of ‘free and fair’ aka democratic.

In the USA , NSA paid funds to GCHQ , GCHQ empowered ‘viral militias’ who agitated US ‘republicans’ out of designated zones so that the democrats could outnumber the republicans in the next election (2020) which they did , and then Clapper masterfully guided Perlosi/McConnel to block Trump in Congress (witnessed by all on US Media), and the ‘cherry on the top’, publically authorising Perlosi to remove the ‘Nuke football’ from Trumps authority (the ultimate proof that a foreigner’ has breached the US and Capitol Hill systems).

If Perlosi had no authority , the US counter intelligence agents would have arrived in an unmarked police car and taken her for questioning immediately, possibly a ‘rendition’ flight to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base , incidentally both McConnel & James Clapper should be picked up, the entire cell needs to be taken down, with all those named now undergoing lie detection tests under strict supervision.


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